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Fortuna Premium Vodka

Fortuna Premium Vodka

Fortuna Premium is a line of premium vodkas, hand-crafted using a classic technology. The line consists of four products: Fortuna Premium, Fortuna Organic, Fortuna Onyx with a unique system of filtration through natural onyx and Fortuna Premium Gold vodka with edible 23-carat gold leaf inside each bottle.

Each bottle of Fortuna Premium vodka has its own individual number, which is an additional degree of product protection.


Fortuna Premium Vodka Filtration through birch coal, which gives Fortuna Premium vodka a flavour and aroma characteristic to Russian vodka, distinguishing it from its foreign counterparts Filtration through coconut coal, along with enrichment by silver ions cleanses the vodka from impurities Filtration through a layer of activated Caucasian oak carbon adds softness and consistency
Fortuna Premium Vodka An exclusive Fortuna Premium Gold vodka made on the basis of the best quality Alpha spirit, with the addition of edible 23-carat gold
Fortuna Premium Vodka Fortuna Organic vodka is made from the highest-quality grain of the 2018 harvest, with only 138 000 bottles being produced The vodka has undergone certification in accordance with the requirements for the production of organic products
Fortuna Premium Vodka Since ancient times, people believed that black onyx brings prosperity and luck to its wearer. A natural onyx bead that can be worn as a talisman is attached to each bottle of Fortuna Onyx The vodka is refined through a sand filter filled with onyx stones
Fortuna Premium Vodka FORTUNA RISING MOON is distilled and bottled during the waxing moon - the best period for the growth of grain and for new beginnings. The vodka is additionally refined through a sand filter filled with moon stones.

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