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TOTEM Whiskey

TOTEM Whiskey

TOTEM is our new special series of whiskey, traditionally aged in bourbon barrels.

We respect origins, ancient cultures, and worlds that are different from ours, and therefore we have breathed a new, earthly life into this term. It has always been important for a person to believe in something. Centuries have passed, cultures have changed, but faith is what unites people of different eras. Since ancient times, people believed in totems and composed legends about them. The totem has always been something to be awed by and cherished like a gift. That is why our whiskey is far from simple: you need to understand it, feel it, believe in it.


TOTEM Whiskey Our whiskey is aged in oak barrels of bourbon. Due to the aging, the drink gets sweet smoky tones in the aroma and a golden color. The word "Totem" was introduced to the English language in a journal publication (1791) by John Long — an English merchant who spent several years in the Ojibwa tribes as a translator.
TOTEM Whiskey Whiskey made based on natural green apple juice.
TOTEM Whiskey Whiskey is prepared with the addition of fresh cherry fruit drinks and black mountain ash.

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